Neat Tweets #3

January 11, 2010 Neat Tweets

Neat Tweets is a weekly feature that showcases the best tweets of the week. These tweets can be an assortment of inspiration, tutorials, resources or freebies. I take the liberty to filter through all of the tweets of the week for the best of the best just so you don’t have to.

This week featuring:

Firefox plugins, mobile web design, jQuery plugins, freelance tips, tips on how to grow as a designer, and the best way to advertise on your blog.

10 Must-Have FireFox Plugins For Web Designers

Firefox has quickly become one of the most popular browser. It has won many hearts thanks to the huge amount of themes and plugins that are available. There are plenty of great plugins that enhance your browser experience. In this article you’ll find 10 Firefox plugins that could be useful for web designers.

Best Practices To Develop Perfect Websites for iPhone and Mobile Devices

A large article about mobile website design. A variety of popular mobile sites are dissected and analyzed to see how it works so well.

CSS3 Gradient Generator v2.0

A web app that easily generates the CSS for 100% css3 gradients compatible in Firefox and Webkit.

Coda-Slider 2.0

An updated version of the popular Coda Slider jQuery plugin. This updated plugin features variable height panels, video support, and a variety of methods to access the different panels.

Future of Interface Design

An interesting article on where interface design is going to be in a few years.

How To Generate Leads For Your Business

One of Small Business Branding’s older articles, but it still offers sound advice on gaining leads for your business.

10 Keys to Growth as a Designer

Staying in one spot as a designer won’t get you anywhere. Here are 10 simple ways to grow as a designer.

Which ad network should work best for your blog?

Different ad networks cater to different areas. Picking the ad network that works best for your blog will maximize results.

Designer seeking Developer, Developer seeking Designer

Collaboration is often the best way to get a quality product out in a timely fashion, but finding someone to collaborate with may be the hardest part. This article features a few sites to help you out.