Neat Tweets #1

October 26, 2009 Neat Tweets

Neat Tweets is a weekly feature that showcases the best tweets of the week. These tweets can be an assortment of inspiration, tutorials, resources or freebies. I take the liberty to filter through all of the tweets of the week for the best of the best just so you don’t have to.

Web UI Treasure Chest v1.0

Web UI Treasure Chest

Version 1.0 of the Web UI Treasure Chest includes over 100 elements in a full, layered .PSD file. Most of the elements are editable, which makes it a perfect resource for your next web project.

5 Steps to winning any client project


FreelanceFolder published this excellent article for freelance designers. Being a freelance designer not only requires design skills, but also salesman skills. This articles gives you five steps to win clients, including why the step is needed and how to achieve it.

Keyboard shortcut for Photoshop CS3 and CS4 Toolbox


Whether you are new to Photoshop or a veteran user, these PDF sheets are a nice reference to all keyboard shortcuts. Using shortcuts in any application can greatly increase your productivity. Save or print these sheets as a quick reference.

Compress WordPress output and speed your blog’s load speed


WPRecipes offers a quick and simple solution to compress your WordPress site to speed up loading times. This technique enables zlib compression for all of your files stored on your site.

WordPress Website Design Process for IT-IS Ltd


Chris Spooner wrote this excellent article showcasing his design process for his most recent project. It includes background information, his thought process and even a nice time lapse video of the website creation, from the graphics to the coding.

Plugins And Tutorials To Enhance The Images Of Your Website With jQuery


An excellent resource on how to enhance the images on your website with jQuery. The plugins give you an easy to use feature that will take your site to the next level.

The Best Adobe Air Apps to Increase Productivity


Angie Bowen from Fuel Your Creativity wrote a nice article on Adobe AIR programs that can increase your productivity. The best part about it is they are all cross platform programs thanks to Adobe AIR.

25 Hand Picked Best jQuery based WordPress Plugins


These jQuery plugins are all specifically for WordPress, so using them on your blog or website is as simple as can be.

111 CSS Gallery To Submit Your Design


Ever wanted to submit your site to those design showcases, but didn’t know how many there are? Listelog took care of that for you, and compiled a list of the 111 CSS galleries to submit your design to.

10 Ways a designer can make some extra money


Sometimes a designer will go through a period with no projects. Don’t worry, here are 10 more ways that you can make money.